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Vitamin C (Original)

The original Vitamin C Series that started it all... if you will actually go through all its pages, you will notice some really big differences compared to this one (other than the art of course!) Currently, the Vitamin C story is being expanded there. When I am able to reproduce all the non-colored pages there, I'll delete it and transfer the colored pages here.

Pokemon Cheonn Academy

In my old days as a comic doodler (I'm still young by the way) I made a REALLY long Pokemon comic in a book that I still keep now. It was about 3, 300-page books... so I made approximately 900 pages of that comic. Then I got tired of it because I didn't know how to advance the story properly. 2 years later, I started to remake that story... but with HUGE differences (so huge that it didn't feel like the old story anymore). The only thing that remained was the concept for the ending.

Kai173 @ deviantART
Yeah... I've been on deviantART for a while now. It was the first site I joined ever since I created my very first email account as a kid. I've been there for like... 4 years now... AND STILL GOING STRONG! XD ...anyway, I don't spend much time there like I used to but I still upload my drawings there occasionally.

Kai173 @ Facebook
Yeah... I'm there too... but I use it for VERY personal matters XP

Oh yeah, I can link back to your site if you want to (as long as you link back here too ^_^) just send me a PM or e-mail me at
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