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The story of a battle between a strict student council president and an infamous troublemaker. An ordinary person is also thrown into the mix for some reason. Follow the story as more and more characters get involved in the battle between Shiki and Corinth! Relationships will develop, aliens will arrive, historical figures will live again and numbers will be divided by zero! Reads left to right. Updates every Friday. Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/vitcstar

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Chapter Eight - Page 43
Chapter Eight - Page 43

Metro Design

Just changing up the format of the site to something more modern and professional looking (using some tricks that I've known for a while now).

It's called, the "Metro" theme/design/whatever.

Anyway.. Metro has been kind of a trend lately so might as well go with the flow.

You might have seen similar designs on the new Windows 8 or Windows Phone UI. THAT'S METRO!

Ok, so first up, I changed the navigation controls to a top bar. Seeing as I already have enough skill to tinker around with the CSS and HTML here, let's see what we can do..

I'll be changing up more of the layout in the coming days.... if I get the motivation to do so... =w=

Pages will be up in quite a while since it's so busy now that the term is ending!

That's all for tonight!


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